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Carbon Fibre

Repairing a foundation with carbon fibre.

Edmonton carbon fibre foundation repair

The repair industry is always changing and if you are not changing with it you will miss the opportunity to learn. At Blockade, we truly believe that change is a constant.

The old way of repairing a bulging concrete wall that bowed or deflected inward due to lateral pressure from expanding soil around a home’s foundation was to build shear walls or use steel, vertically against the inside of the foundation, anchored at the top and cast into the concrete floor on the bottom thus preventing further movement. These methods are still used but is now supplemented by other methods, mostly by applying carbon fibre straps. Carbon fibre is a high-strength filament that is woven into a fabric that is seemingly unbreakable and does not stretch. When used for foundation repair, it is bonded to the damaged wall. At the repairs ends, it can be mechanically fastened to the wall, column or ceiling by means of a metal angle or the end of the repair can be cast into a location such as a floor. This end finish fortifies the whole repair and further protects the wall from the force of shear. The ends of the repair are as important as putting nails in wall studs through the plates to assure the wall does not slip when the lateral stresses are applied. There are cases where whole walls or columns are wrapped. Things to keep in mind are surface preparation and condition. The concrete in the case of wall straps must be at minimum able to meet the building code compression requirements. Core samples can easily be taken. Another huge component to longevity for a newly fortified foundation is to assure the condition of the failure cause have been addressed.

As you can see in the pictures above, carbon fibre can be used to fortify and bridge a vertical crack that has been left to long to the elements and requires replacing missing concrete along the cracks length

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