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Interior weeping tile or an Interior drainage system

Repairing a wet basement by installing interior weeping tile or a drainage system.

Interior weeping tile, exterior weeping tile

In extreme cases, interior weeping tile can present a “raft” of solutions. It’s a cost effective solution when the water table is high and water has gained its way under your basement slab, it may be the slab is lifting, cracking or has efflorescence blooms on it. Interior drainage is not a replacement for exterior weeping tile.
The process to install an interior drainage system is first to remove the concrete floor at the perimeter of the house. Excavate to a depth level with the bottom of the existing footing. Install a drainage tile such as 4inch perforated black corrugated plastic pipe is most common. (putting a drainage tile or a drainage trough higher than the bottom of the footing leaves the water a chance to travel throughout the rest of the basement). Adding washed rock around the new tile is paramount. There is a misconception that the tile needs to be pitched to the outlet area… FALSE the tile bottom is placed level with the bottom of the footing and the top of the tile is no higher than the underside of the floor slab or top of footing. Excavating a pitch into the system can and will undermine the footing and compromise the integrity of the foundation and its bearing capacity. The washed rock that is placed around the tile is as important to the system, if not more than the drainage tile. The water will flow easily through and around the trench of rock, the tile is an area that allows for high flow rate and an assured non-restricted conduit for the water.
The drainage board installed on the wall and over the footing, is placed there for a number of reasons. When problems are first discovered an immediate solution is commonly required such as, completing an interior renovation during the winter months or in areas where exterior repairs are not possible or budget does not allow for it at the time. There is no reason not to compete an interior system before the exterior is done or vice versa in extreme high water table areas.
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