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Window Well and Well Drain

Repairing a foundation by installing correct window wells and well drains

Edmonton window well, window well drain

Window well drains are less about the pipe and more about creating a chimney to the weeping tile so water does not accumulate in the well. If you do not have weeping tile… a well drain is redundant and window wells can/will fill under normal rain or thawing conditions. There are many thousands of window wells installed that do not have drains and may not ever need them. On the other hand… there are just as many which fill periodically and allow water to pour in through window and cracks that form in the concrete at the corners of the windows.

The best option is to have the proper grading that allows the basement window to not have a window well, that is not possible in most cases. A window well can be made of concrete, wood or metal. Corrugated metal is the most common. They are fastened to the foundation wall and project anywhere from a few inches at a side driveway location to 30 inches when protecting an egress window.

We can install new well drains or repair old plugged drains for existing window wells providing weeping tile is present and it works correctly.

We replace weeping tile and repair cracks too...

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