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Foundation repair and water-proofing requires years of building knowledge...

Edmonton foundation repair

Most foundation repair problems seem cosmetic. Fixing the effect looks good, fixing the cause is our business. Call us so we can do it right and complete your foundation repair from the foundation up.

Repairing a foundation from the exterior is paramount... though it may not always be possible or affordable. Most times a foundation failure is due to the landscape and how it affects the way water is contained and distrubuted in the location of the structure.

Patching a concrete wall with injected urethanes is the most cost effective foundation repair and great band-aid on their own. This method does nothing to correct the cause which can be any such as: failed grades, tree roots, hydraulic soils, etc.

We have many successful solutions for your foundation repair.
A few of these are:
- Window well drain (simple)
- Carbon fibre foundation repair (simple to complex)
- Supporting or underpinning walls (complex)
- Interior weeping tile or an exterior/interior drainage system sometimes refered to as a french drain.(simple to complex)

Horizontal foundation cracks are the beginning of future catastrophic foundation failures.

This is not a repair done only by the injection processes. The floors above need to bear on new load points while the foundation is being fortified or replaced. There are several methods, each has their unique benefit.

For example: Lateral pressure or bearing walls, under pinning, piles that are all in conjunction with grading, re-landscaping, damp proofing, water proofing, weeping tile, sump pit and pumps.

These are all part of a larger system that assures your home or business stays safe and dry for years to come.

When it comes to Foundations, Blockade has a solution for you.

If you are looking for the best foundation repair in greater Edmonton, Please call.

Home Renovations
Kitchen Renovations
Basement Development
Home Additions

Whole house updates...

Edmonton renovations

Working with Blockade ensures exceptional:

1. Concept and Design
2. Planning and Management
3. Execution and Clean up

Updating finishes, basement developments or full kitchen renovations all start with preparation and planning.

After assessing the area our client has planned to update, we provide a written contract with noted warranties and a full cost discloser. This will include if any, project management fees, discounted contractor material pricing and permit fees. You are not in the dark about what you are being quoted or what you are actually paying. Nothing is hidden, transparency is a policy.

Typically on some smaller jobs such as basement developments, a fixed price is applied and the client pays what is quoted, there may be cost allowances on items such as flooring or fixtures. The work is listed in the lump sum cost to simplify the process and expedite the work. Changes made are agreed too and updated costs are paid over and above the fixed cost.

Our attempt is to provide the client with piece of mind knowing all the processes and trades persons are as professional as possible.

Call Blockade today for all your basement needs.

Home Additions

Have you grown out of your house?

Home addition

Do you own a house or are you considering buying a house that does not work for your current needs? If so, an addition (whether up or out) might be what you need to make it "home".

Adding square footage is a great way to add value to any property. The benefit materializes in better designed, larger spaces.

Difficult to access properties, such as narrow side lots or no alley access, are straightforward for Blockade. Blockade maintains a fleet of specialty equipment and tools which enable proper foundation installation and the ability to match existing structures. This ensures a seamless look.

If you have a budget we will design to it or work with you to maximize within the budget capabilities.

Call (780-453-8960) or "BLOCKADE" for all your needs, from the foundation up.

Who calls us?


Many of our clients call because they wish to achieve a certain objective and need a general contractor who will work with them to achieve it.

It may be a new kitchen, luxury bath or a dry basement.

Or it may be retaining walls, foundation repair or new landscape...

Who do we work for?

Our primary clientele are home-owners who want renovations that range between $5,000 and $600,000. Come to us for help designing and building your dream project.

Foundation and concrete repair is a mix of both commercial and residential clients with costs that vary. Blockade works with a variety of budgets.

Please contact us by phone or email.

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